Truwood STAGE-GATE Project Management

STAGE-GATE is a dynamic management tool which controls and anticipates potential issues within a project.  Originally evolved to improve the success rate for new product development, Truwood have adapted the STAGE-GATE process for use as a project management and execution tool.

The Truwood STAGE-GATE Process is a conceptual and operational road map for moving a project from design to completion. STAGE-GATE divides the project execution effort into distinct stages separated by the project team decision gates (gatekeeping).

Our methodical approach to project management ensures Truwood delivers our customers’ expectations on time, to specification and within budget.

Detailed planning and risk management ensures the inherent risks within a project are identified early within the life of the project, prioritised and appropriate mitigation actions are taken to eliminate the potential impact the risk could have on the project deliverables.

The Truwood STAGE-GATE road map ensures that all project stake holders are focused on the project deliverables; ensuring the right information is available, at the right time, to do the right things for the right decisions.